Page numbering for CreateSpace

Another long gap between blogs must mean...yes, intensive work on CreateSpace. And you know what? All those little warnings the books and the bloggers tell you about Word are true! There really are gremlins in there. All over the place. But mostly things chugged along nicely, if painfully slowly, until I got to page numbering. Everyone warns you this is tricky. They are right. But it wasn't the dividing into sections that got me, it was the numbers themselves. They all came out with lines above them. The CreateSpace forums were no help on this one. Sincere thanks then to Patsy Trench for her succinct advice to go to Borders and check No Borders everywhere you can. It worked! So much more straightforward than the forums made it seem and even there nobody seemed to be sure that anything they suggested would work. All I can say is that it does for Word 2010. If you are in that place, try it before you are driven mad.