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Between 1989 and 1995 we lived and worked in Kathmandu. It was the most vibrant, exciting and challenging time of our lives.

We had some friends there who had a lynx. They had been given him as a cub after travellers to Tibet had rescued him from a market. His likely destination was a medicine jar. For a long time the cub, which they called Tashi, was very sick but over time and with love and care he recovered. It was an oddly exhilarating experience to visit their house and see a fully grown lynx stretched out in an armchair, the whole room, it seemed, shaking from his purring.

I knew then it was a story that had to be told. I invented a nomad boy named Sonam who finds the lynx as a tiny cub. His father wants to sell it but Sonam gives it to some travellers and urges them to save it. They take it with them to Kathmandu.

Sonam meets a monk who tells him he must fulfil his destiny. He follows the cub to Kathmandu and befriends the family, who have a son of a similar age. Together they nurse the cub back to health.

And then the trouble starts…

Shortly after I wrote it, LYNX was published by Orient Longman in India. I have now re-written parts of it and revised and updated it in entirety. It is now available as LYNX: Back to the Wild on Amazon Kindle and a hard copy is scheduled to follow. It is a short novel, or novella, of around 35,000 words.

I am reluctant to praise my own work but I can honestly say that this very touching story has been loved by the many children (9+) and adults who have read it. It took me a long time to realise that maybe it was not just the children's book I had originally intended but a book that adults might equally enjoy and, better still, enjoy with their children. In other words, it was a whole family book. And I like that “sharing a book together” idea very much indeed.

Now available on Amazon as a Kindle ... 

a very sick cub